Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tanning Lotion

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Hey Dolls.
I am incredibly pale & even though I love that fact, I have been lusting after the whole bronzed goddess look this Summer so I 'borrowed' the Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tanning Lotion from my mum & have been using it for about a week or so. I have never used any sort of tanner so I was a little worried that I would turn into a TOWIE cast member overnight but thankfully the morning after the first time I used it, there wasn't much of a difference just a little warmth to my skin which was nice as I didn't look like Casper's long lost sister anymore. 

'Summerbody daily moisturising lotion gives your skin a beautifully radiant and sun-kissed look all year round, in one simple step. Summerbody moisturises skin from morning to night, gradually building a light, natural looking tan.' 

The first thing that made me love this gradual tanner was the smell, as it has apricot extracts it smells really fresh & fruity & apricots. I usually apply this after I have showered, I was actually really surprised with how quick the drying time is, it has sank in & my skin has become touch dry within 5 minutes but I do still tend to wait longer as I will literally do anything & everything to avoid getting dressed for the longest time possible after a shower...I don't know why. One of my main concerns was that it would transfer onto my pjs &/or my bedding as I'm usually in shorts but thankfully it didn't, I inspected my pjs & bedding thoroughly & there was no trace of the gradual tanner what-so-ever. It is incredibly hydrating, I keep touching my arms because I just can't get over how soft my skin is. I have quite dry skin & I never thought a tiny bit of product would make my skin this soft for days on end as I usually have to use quite a lot of body butter & it doesn't feel as great by the end of the day. Now lets talk about the colour, I am still quite pale but I do look like I've spent the week relaxing in the sun & have been naturally sun kissed instead of the horrid fake orange 'I've clearly been bathing in the stuff' look. Thankfully there is no hint of an orange undertone to my skin, I am on my way to becoming a bronzed goddess but I must admit I am quite happy with the colour I am now, the colour is lasting well & looks even.

There is two versions of the Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tanner, light & deep. I use the Light one but I do also have the Deep shade, like the light one it adds a bit of warmth to the skin & builds up throughout use but the colour is quite a bit more intense & doesn't look so natural as everyone & their mother has seen how pale I am.
I've really enjoyed using the Garnier Summer Body Gradual Tanning Lotion & would like to try out other brands so if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments. (:

Have you tried any gradual tanning lotion? What are your thoughts on them?

My Top Five Tips & Tricks For Blogging.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Hey Dolls.
When I started blogging, I found it so hard to find some useful tips & tricks. I wasn't sure how I wanted my blog to come across & at first I was nervous, I got bullied in high school/comprehensive so it was quite hard to put myself out there but I managed to do it & even though I have been blogging for about four - five months I still search the net for tips & ask fellow bloggers for advice. So I thought I would share my top five tips for starting out or even enhancing your blog.

1. Be yourself.
Let your personality shine through in your posts, everyone is interesting in their own way.

2. Find your voice.
When I first started blogging I was nervous, I couldn't be 100% me. I honestly thought no one would be interested in what I had to say but after two months into blogging, I began to find my voice & talk like I talk in real life..well minus the swearing.

 3. Stay positive
The beginning is always the toughest, you might not have readers from day one. It was nearly over a month before I got my first follower. Keep writing posts about things that you love & communicate, always comment on blogs you read as you will more than likely get some of their readers visiting your blog. 

4. Be consistent.
Figure out if you want to do a post everyday, once a week on a Saturday afternoon, on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday etc & then stick to that. A routine really does help.

5. Quality over quantity.
Always make your posts interesting, don't half ass it. If you feel like you need to spend an hour or two on a particular post to make it perfect then go for it. Don't post just for the sake of posting.

What are your top tips for blogging?


Mua Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

 Hey Dolls.
I have been loving using the Mua Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter this Spring/Summer & I have done a teeny tiny review here but as I have used it nearly everyday since I bought it I thought I'd do a more in depth review. (:

The packaging comes presented in a round white compact with a transparent lid. It is quite sturdy & has survived a few bumps here & there but the other day I accidentally stood on it...after dropping it so now the lid has broken off but the product its self wasn't harmed. Overall for the price I think the packaging is great.

The biggest thing that made me want to buy the highlighter was the intricate design engraved on the product. It is so beautiful but unfortunately the design has worn away quite a bit which is a shame but there is a photo of the product that has only been used a couple of time on the previous post which I linked at the top.

The highlighter is extremely subtle & gives a light luminescent peachy pink shade that is not metallic but not completely shimmer based either, its like a metallic-shimmer hybrid. The product is very pigmented but when applied to the skin it gives you that subtle healthy glow instead of looking like you have been hit in the face with a glitter/shimmer particle pie. What I love most about this highlighter is that the shimmer is so fine that it doesn't cling or emphasize imperfections, I have some enlarged pores & some dry patches & I find that some powder products can make them stand out a lot more but with this highlighter it makes my skin look flawless & radiant.

The Liebster Award

Monday, 24 June 2013

Hey Dolls.
The Lovely Jade from Pint Sized Pixie, Laura Jane from Haus Of Lola & Daphne from Peanut Butter & Chocolate Life have nominated me for the Liebster Award. I have seen this on so many blogs & it seems like so much fun.

The Rules!
You must answer the 11 questions set by the blogger who nominated you.

You yourself must then pick 11 blogs with under 200 followers to also be nominated for the award.

You must think up 11 questions for these nominees to answer & also notify them.

You must link back to the blogger who nominated you for the award. 

Jade's Questions.

1. How old we're you when you first experimented with Make-Up?
I think I was probably around 12 or 13 maybe.

2. If you lost all your make up and could only afford to repurchase three beauty items, what would they be?
I would repurchase Foundation, bronzer & mascara. 

3. Who is your Style Icon?
I really love  Shenae Grimes casual style, she always looks effortlessly gorgeous. 

4. Flats or Heels?
Even though I love heels, I am much more of a flats girl. Alot comfier. (:

5. Favourite Skincare item?
I have really been loving Garnier Skin Naturals Deep Clean Foam Wash lately, it really helps keeping those pesky breakouts at bay.

6. Fake or Natural nails?

Natural nails. I have used false nails once or twice & just couldn't get on with them.

7. If you had a unlimited amount of money what would you buy?
I would buy my dad a car, get a house for Matt & I, Give money to my parents, sister & put some into a savings account for my nephews & neice & then I would purchase a couple of make up items I have wanted for quite some time. Mac Rebel Lipstick, Benefit Hoola Bronzer, Benefit POREfessional, Nars Orgasmn Blush & Mac Fix+ & then go on a clothes/shoes spree.

8. Topshop or River Island?
I personally think they are both overpriced but I haven't bought anything from Topshop, so I'm going to have to say River Island.

9. Who is your favourite designer?
I don't really have one but I have liked Alexander McQueen pieces the most.

10. If you could have anyone's wardrobe, who would you choose? 
Sian's from Forever Fabulous In Bows, she always looks absolutely beautiful. (:

11. Where do you shop the most? 

 Superdrug or Ebay. Both always have amazing bargains.

Laura Jane's Questions.

1. Favourite Nail Brand?

I really love Barry M. There are so many colours & effects to choose from & they are incredibly affordable.

2. Favourite Make Up Brand?

I really love Mua & Maybelline, they both have so many amazing products.

3. Make Up Icon?

Mila Kunis & Kim Kardashion! They always look so amazing (:

4. Style Icon? 
Shenae Grimes, she always looks effortlessly gorgeous. 

5. Favourite High Street Shop?
Superdrug & Boots. I don't shop in Boots often but it does usually have some great deals.

6. Hair; Curly Or Straight?
My hair never stays sraight for longer than an hour so I'd have to say curly.

7. Favourite Hair Products?
I love Fudge Urban's Sea Salt Spray & Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Shampoo, Conditioner & Protection Cream.

8. Favourite Music Artist?
I am a huge fan of Paramore, Nothing beats a bit of Brick by boring brick in the morning. (:

9. Favourite Perfume?
Lady Gaga - Fame & Taylor Swift - Wonderstruck. Couldn't decide as they are both amazingly heavenly scents.

10.  Twitter Or Facebook?
I think both social media sites are overrated. I don't use Facebook much anymore & I have only just got Twitter so I'm gonna say they are both about the same.

11. What's One Thing You Want To Achieve In Life?
I weint to pass my driving test first time, so hopefully next year I can do that.

Daphne's Questions

1. What are your three Summer essentials?
Lipbalm with SPF, Fudge Urban Sea Salt Spray & A new love that I have recently found Garnier SummerBody Moisturising Lotion.

2. What would be your dream pet: an unicorn, a dragon, or a griffin?
This was a hard choice. Could I possible have all three? No. Okay..Um I would have to have a unicorn. 

3. What's your favourite book and how has it changed you?
My favourite books of all time is the Harry Potter series, I have read them over & over again & everytime I feel like no matter what your going through, it will be okay in the end because Harry has been through so much & in the end he turns out okay.

4. When was the last time you laughed so hard, your stomach hurt?
This happens pretty much everyday when I'm with Matt, I laugh so hard that I'm practically in tears.

5. What are the three favorite things you have in your room?
I have this beautiful canvas of a field full of flowers & a gorgeous sky, My Jewelry Rack & this little wicker heart thing hanging by my curtains.

6. Name five people that you want to have dinner with and why.
They can be dead or alive, fictional or real. 
1, Hayley Williams from Paramore, I have been a fan of paramore since their first album came out, she is an amazing inspiration to me.

2, Samantha Chapman, She is an incredible make up artist & I would love to get a couple of tips from her.

3, Marilyn Monroe, She is an inspiration to all women. She was confident & didn't try to be the weight everyone thought she should be.

4, Heath Ledger, I would like to tell him that he did an amazing job playing the Joker & a brilliant actor overall & he is truly missed.

5, Kristen Stewart, I personally think she is an amazing actress & she seems so down to earth.

7. If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be?
I would probably change a few relationship mistakes I have made but then if I did, would I be where I am now? It would be a shame to not be with the love of my life to change some past mistakes so after that thought, no I wouldn't actually change anything.

8. What are the words you live by?

9. If you had the chance, what advice would you give to your 13-year-old self?
Don't let the bullies get you down, stand up for are so much better than them. You can do this.

10. You're a rockstar, what song would you sing at your concert? 
I would probably sing Back In Black by ACDC. Probably wouldn't be as good but it would be a lot of fun.
So thats all the questions from Jade, Laura Jane & Daphne, so now here is the people I nominate. I was thinking that I should nominate 33 people because I got nominated three times but I did struggle a little with find the 11 so I'm going to leave it at that. (:

1 | Dani - Tales Of Beauty Past 
2 | Lisa - Ce Que J'aime
3 | Laura Jade - Pale Girl Reviews
4 | Roxy - Roxy's Box Of Tricks 
5 | Tamsyn - Peachpowxo
6 | Hannah - A Bullet To The Head
7 | Lisa Jane - The Diary Of A Brunette Shopaholic
8 | Sian - What I'm...
9 | Linda - Love Styles
10 | Channie - On The Cover
11 | Ashlie - Ashlie Small & Her Wardrobe Adventures

1 | Who was the first blogger you got hooked on?
2 | What is your favourite perfume?
3 | What item could you not leave the house without?
4 | Favourite make up brand?
5 | Favourite jewelry piece?
6 | What advise would you give to bloggers who are starting out?
7 | Favourite summer nail polish?
8 | Most worn clothing piece?
9 | Fake eyelashes or Natural?
10 | Barry M or Essie?
11 | Favourite colours to wear in the Spring/Summer?

Bourjois Délice De Poudre Bronzing Powder

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hey Dolls.
I have already done a small review on the Bourjois Délice De Poudre Bronzing Powder, which you can read here but I'm going to do a more in depth review as I have been using it everyday for about two weeks now & I absolutely adore it.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the bronzer is that it smells & looks a lot like chocolate, it smells absolutely divine & it if was edible..I would probably eat it but once applied to the skin the scent isn't noticeable at all. Even though I have only used this for about two weeks, this bronzer ticks all the boxes for me. Its a great all rounder - Even on paler skin tones It's perfect for contouring, dusting lightly all over the skin & is the perfect bronzer to use as a blush on those minimal makeup days in the summer. It is a matte bronzer & even though it has small amounts of gold shimmer, on the skin the shimmer acts more of a radiance boost while the bronzer gives you that natural sunkissed look. What I love most about this bronzer is that it blends flawlessly into the skin with minimal effort, it has a subtle orange undertone but its not the kind of orange that will make you look like a oompa loompa, it adds a really natural bronzed look to your skin & it is really buildable, as the bronzer doesn't pick up too much product on application, with one light sweep across the bronzer with your brush, it will give you just the right amount of product to  give you that natural sunkissed look or add more definition to your face if you're using it to contour but no matter how much product you apply it never ends up looking cakey on your skin. This is because the texture of this bronzer is ever so light & it really does feel so smooth and soft to the touch. I quite like the packaging, they have put it into a cardboard box with a magnetic strip which seems quite sturdy. I love how easy it is to pop into your bag without worrying to much that it wont last the journey & it is pretty thin so it doesn't take up much space which is always a plus.

Have you tried the Bourjois Délice De Poudre Bronzing Powder? I would love to hear your thoughts. (:


Miss Sporty Nail Polish

Friday, 21 June 2013

Hey Dolls.
I was having a little rummage through my nail polish collection last night & I came across my three Miss Sporty nail polishes that have been unloved for quite some time. I'm not really sure why I have put them to one side & forgot about them because they are really lovely colours. I have had the nail colour wheels for quite a while now but as I usually do reviews of nail polish with NOTD's I haven't really had a chance to use them but as I only did my nails yesterday afternoon I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to finally use them. I think I only had a pack of five but this was the only one I could find so I'm definitely going to have to pick up some more as they look much nicer than my nails at the moment as I 'accidentally' bit my nails the other day after one of them split. Now I say 'accidentally' because I didn't actually realise I was doing it until I had finished because I was quite distracted by Criminal Minds on Netflix... Anyway onto the review (:

Metal Flip - 040 | Clubbing Colours - 326 | Clubbing Colours - 320.

Miss Sporty was one of the first nail polish brands I have ever bought, for only £1.99 they are an absolute bargain! I'm very impressed with the formula.  It has a smooth, creamy consistency which applies evenly, gives opaque coverage in on to two coats & dries within seconds. In the time it takes to paint ten nails the varnish is dry to the touch and ready for the next coat, so there’s no waiting around for ages in between coats! The brush is quite wide so you can covers most of the nail in one sweep. I am really impressed with these polishes & I am definitely going to have to update my collection soon.

Metal Flip - 040 is a beautiful purple/green duochrome nail polish, the colours alter fluidly according to the light. The polish has a stunning metallic shimmer finish which looks incredible in sunlight. 

Clubbing Colour - 326 is a bright pink, it looks like it has red tones in the photos but in real life it looks more like a coral based pink. It is amazingly pigmented & is opaque in one application. It has an incredible shine to it even without a topcoat.

Clubbing Colour - 320 is a gorgeous bright royal blue, like 326 it has an incredible shine. It is amazingly pigmented & is opaque in one application.

What are your thoughts on the Miss Sporty Nail Polishes?

Palmer's Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hey Dolls.
I have already done a small review on the Palmer's Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter here but as I have been using it quite often lately I thought I would do a more in depth review on it. (:

'A special formulation of pure Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E and Petrolatum provides ultra-moisturisation. This indulgent lip buttter makes for a nourishing solution that helps treat dry, chapped, cracked lips. Ideal for day or night, this glossy butter is the perfect treat under lipstick or on it's own for a natural look.'

 I love anything that smells like Chocolate or Peppermint, so to find a product that has both scents was an amazing day for me. I didn't know whether it would smell as good as it sounds but I was definitely willing to spend the pennies to find out, thankfully it smelt & tasted absolutely divine, a lot like After Eights. Yum! When we get awful cold weather [which is most of the year] my lips tend to become horribly dry & occasionally crack but since I have been using this, I don't have to worry about having to apply my lip balm 101 times throughout the day. I pop this on after I have cleaned my teeth & used my Lush lip scrub [which I only use about once a week] & it keeps my lips moisterised & soft for a good couple of hours before I need to re-apply. The lip butter is quite thick but feels light on the lips & once applied, your body heat melts it & so it sinks in amazingly well leaving a natural glossy finish. As the lip butter has peppermint in it, once applied to the lips it has a subtle tingling feeling which I quite enjoy as it feels like the lip butter is actually doing something for my lips & protecting them from the horrid weather instead of just sitting on top of them. The scent is quite strong but not to overpowering & does linger on the lips for quite a long time but it does become quite addictive & you may have to re apply it a few times because you have accidentally on purpose licked it all off.... (: Overall this lip butter is amazing & I will definitely have to re purchase if this one ever runs out (:

You can buy this amazing tube of lip-buttery-goodness for £2.75 on Superdrug's website.

Have you tried the Palmer's Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip 

L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer

Monday, 17 June 2013

Hey Dolls.
Today I'm going to review the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer, I have read so many amazing reviews about this & now we are getting warmer weather I would like to test out the dewy skin look more. :)

"Brighten skin with Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer, an instant light source which gives an enviably glowing complexion. Featuring Liquid Light TechnologyTM for an immediate illuminated optical effect, the skin’s surface looks flawless and full of vitality."'

I really like this primer, it is quite thick but when applied to the skin it feels light & silky, it's hydrating, it makes my skin feel smooth & helps my make up to last all day while giving my skin a natural dewy glow. It doesn't cling to the dry patches on my skin & a tiny bit really goes a long way so it should last quite a long time. The primer comes packaged in a slim white plastic tube with rose gold accents & a pump dispenser so you can control how much you use. I actually prefer that it is plastic as I can chuck in a bag & not worry about it shattering. The primer can be used alone, a base for foundation & as a highlighter. I have only used it as a base but I may try it as a highlighter on days where I feel like I need that extra pick me up.

The primer retails at £9.99 but at the moment Superdrug have a £2.00 off offer & has free delivery until tomorrow.

Have you tried the L'Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer? What is your favourite way to illuminate the skin? Do you have a holy grail primer?

Mua Heaven & Earth Palette

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Hey Dolls.
Today I'm going to review The Heaven & Earth Palette, I have done a mini review on it here but as I have been using it quite a bit lately I thought I'd do a more in depth review. As most of you probably know I adore Mua, they are always featured in my FOTD's & I have done a few reviews on their products. Like all brands there are a few things that don't work for me but the majority of products they have brought out are amazing quality & so affordable. 

"All our beautiful palettes come with 12 complimentary shades so you can pick and choose for a variety of looks. They're a soft, blendable texture that glides on with ease. Heaven and Earth is the ultimate neutrals palette containing everything you need to create your gorgeous natural look." 

 I have had the heaven & earth palette for quite a long time & it is by far the best palette I have ever used. It is made up of 12 warm toned shimmery shades in a range of earthly neutral browns, light heavenly creams & vanilla shades.  The shadows amazingly pigmented, blend well,  have a soft texture so they are picked up on to the brush easily, have little to no fallout when applied & last all day without creasing or fading. The palette is perfect for any occasion, from a subtle golden look to a bold smokey eye. I have created so many amazing looks with this palette & for £4 I really can't fault it. I definitely recommend this palette if you love neutrals or even if you don't, before I bought this I was a bright neon eyeshadow/liner girl & I never imagined wearing neutral shades but I read so many amazing reviews that I just had to give it a go & now it is pretty much the only palette I use. :)

 Not the best swatches.

Have you tried the Mua Heaven & Earth Palette? What are your thoughts?

My Makeup Collection | Blush & Bronzers

Friday, 14 June 2013

Hey Dolls.
I've started a series about my makeup collection, this is my third post & today I'm going to show you what blushers & bronzers I own. I don't have many as they always seem to last ages but I think this is enough for me at the moment :)

Dainty Doll Powder & Cream Blushers

Money Talks | Powder Blush
 Money Talks is a beautiful  extremely cool toned taupe-y brown with fine shimmer. When swatched the shimmer doesn't translate too much and instead gives more of a satin effect. It works great as a blush & a contour shade.

You Are My Sunshine | Powder Blush
 You Are My Sunshine is a lovely peachy pink shade with subtle gold shimmer, it looks very natural on the skin & the gold shimmer acts as a highlight so you have a lovely glow when the light hits your face. 

Orange County Girl | Cream Blush
 Orange County Girl is very similar to You Are My Sunshine but in a cream version.  It feels really light on the skin & blends really well. It gives a lovely natural glow to the skin.

Mua Bronzer & Blushers

Bronze Shimmer Kiss  | Bronzer
 This quad has four shimmer based neutral shades, you will find a light golden ivory shade, a light peach, a pink toned mauve and an bright golden toned peach. They can be swirled together to make the most prettiest gold/bronze shade to contour or add a bit of a summer glow to your skin.

Pink Shimmer Kiss | Blush
 This quad has four shimmer based pink shades, a deep toned pink shade, a light shell pink, an ivory shade and a mid toned pink shade. They can be swirled together to make a candy pink shade that will look great on most skin tones.

Shade 1 | Blush
 Shade 1 is a light peach/pink toned blusher with flickers of shimmer, It looks quite bright in the pan but once applied to the cheek & blended it gives a natural flush of colour.

 Catwalk Colour Bronzer & Blush

Shade 1 - Bronze | Bronzer
Bronze is a lovely matte bronze shade, with no added shimmer or sparkle, It looks quite scary in the pan but one applied & blended it looks great on my pale skin & doesn't leave a muddy stripe on my face.

Shade 2 Blush | Blusher
Blush is a dusky pink shade with a little shimmer that give the skin a natural glow, it is very pigmented so you have to be light handed with it & even then it need a bit of blending.
W7 Blush & Bronzer

Candy Floss | Blush
  Candy Floss is a beautiful peachy pink  blush with a hint of golden shimmer, the pigmentation is amazing, it has a very soft silky finish. & it creates a very healthy natural glow.  It can also be used as a subtle highlighter.

Africa | Bronzer 
Africa is a multi-toned bronzer that has quite a bit of simmer, it has a dark brown, light taupe & a bright pink which are made into a leopard print pattern. It is easy to blend & I think it will look great on all skin tones.

Bourjois Bronzer

 Bourjois | Bronzing Powder
The Bourjois Bronzing Powder is the newest addition to my collection & by far my favourite product to use to contour my face. It is a beautiful light brown matte bronzer that has tiny specks of gold glitter that can't be seen once applied to the face. It blends effortlessly, creates a lovely natural bronzed look & did I mention that it smells like chocolate?! I think the bronzer would look best on light to medium skin tones but could be built up for darker skin tones. 

Well that's all the foundations & BB Creams I currently own, let me know if you would like a full review on any of these products. :)

I have already done a full review of;
 Dainty Doll Blushers
 W7 Africa Bronzer
 W7 Candy Floss Blush

Previous posts in the 'My Makeup Collection' Series


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Hey Dolls.
I'm constantly taking photographs, so I thought I'd share a few that have been put into a file on my boyfriend's computer & forgotten about. I will take photo's of everything & anything, I really can't wait until I get a new camera so my photo's look more professional, as it is a huge passion of mine & one of the best things about writing a post. :)

 Pamper Time | Favourite Hairband | The Best Chocolate Of All Time! | Apple & Kiwi Relentless = Perfect Spring/Summer Drink | Pretty Flower | Lovely Blue Sky | Matt & I Enjoying The Sun | Finger Love | Pretty Candles | Matt & I Playing With Bubbles | A Huge Fruit Flavored Dummy Lolly That Took Forever To Eat | Mustache Earrings.

Have you taken any photograph's lately?

Maybelline "The Rocket" Volum' Express Mascara

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hey Dolls.
Today I'm going to review the Maybelline "The Rocket" Volum' Express Mascara, I've wanted this mascara for quite some time but never got around to picking it up, to be honest I've wanted to try every Maybelline mascara that has come out but I always choose the mascara's I know I like instead. I have used it twice now & it is possibly the best mascara I have ever used.

 "Explosive volume in Rocket Time! Up to 8x more volume. Our exclusive Jet Glide Brush with flexi-fine bristles loads on big bang volume so fast, there's no time for clumps. Our smooth formula keeps lashes looking sleek and even."

I love the packaging, the colours are bright & fun which makes the mascara stand out & easy to find if you have more than one of everything in your make up bag like me. haha
  The brush is huge & plastic but the bristles are very small with lots of tiny close together spikes that glide through my lashes giving them a lot of volume & length, on the second coat my lashes can have a few small clumps appear but they aren't that horrendous. The formula of the mascara is very wet & thick but doesn't make your lashes crispy/hard when dried, it holds a curl well & doesn't flake or smudge towards the end of the day. I am incredibly impressed with the Maybelline mascara & will definitely be trying more out in the future.

Have you tried the Maybelline "The Rocket" Volum' Express Mascara? What mascara do you recommend?

Behind The Scenes Of Blogging

Monday, 10 June 2013

 Hey Dolls.
I quite like doing tag's & I have seen this one pop up on quite a few blogs lately so I thought I'd give it a go. There are 'supposed' rules for this tag but I'm not going to post/follow them because I'm a rebel like that, the one thing I will do is link the person who made this tag at the bottom. :)

1. Do you plan for each/some of your blog posts, if so, how do you do this?
 I do, I like to think ahead of time about what I'll be posting throughout the week & I always check my calendar to see which days would be the best for a certain topic. Like on Sundays I post my spending ban update & on Thursdays I post my A-Z of favourites posts.

2. Do you have a blogging notebook, where you write about & plan things to do with your blog? 
 I write everything in my notebook, so I probably will have some blog post ideas in there somewhere.

3. Do you feel pressured to buy things so that you have something to review on your blog?
Yes & no,  occasionally if there is something that is receiving alot of hype I will feel a teeny tiny bit pressured to buy it but I do like to review things that I love to.
4. Has the style of your posts/blog been influenced by someone else. If so, who?
One of the first blogs that I got hooked on was Victoria's Vintage, it was so simple but still stood out alot to me & when I started editing the look of my blog I knew that's what I wanted, elegant yet simple.

5. What are your favourite posts to plan and write about?
I love to read & write reviews, especially if you can really tell that someone loves the products & I quite like doing hauls as I am a bit of a shopaholic.
6. Do you think that your knowledge of makeup (and applying it) has improved because of blogging?
I have definitely come across some amazing tips from other bloggers but I really think practice makes perfect when it comes to make up application.
7. Do you test all products for a certain amount of time before you review them? 
Umm, not really. If I have used it two times & have fallen in love with it then thats enough time for me.
8. Do you have any other websites for your blog? (e.g, twitter, youtube, bloglovin', or a facebook page etc.)
I have a Facebook & BlogLovin' Page.
9. Do you feel the need to buy something you have wanted EVEN more when you see your favourite blogger talking about it?
Definitely, I have recently read a review on Bourjois Cream Blushers by Sandra which I have wanted to try for ages but I haven't really had much luck with Bourjois Products but after reading her post I a definitely going to have to pick one up soon.
10. Do you find taking pictures to be a chore, or not?
Definitely Not! I loved taking photographs way before I started my blog of pretty much anything so spending 10-20 minutes trying to get the perfect shot of products is actually one of my favourite things to do.

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