My First #BritishBloggerSelection Post | Halloween Nail Art

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Hey Dolls.
Today I got an email for the theme of the first #BritishBloggerSelection Post & the theme is Halloween. So as I have been attempting Halloween themed nail art for the last few days I thought this would be perfect. I am definitely not a pro but I am really happy with what I have done so far, so I thought I'd show you (: 

 Frankenstein, Creepy eyes, Dracula, Spider hanging from a web & Jason's mask.
 Skull & Ghost
The Bride Of Frankenstein

Have you done any Halloween themed nail art? Tweet or email me your photos.

Lush Sandy Santa, Snow Fairy & Santa's Lip Scrub

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Hey Dolls.
Today I am going to be reviewing some goodies from Lush, I not so recently picked the Sandy Santa Body Butter, Snow Fairy Shower Gel & Santa's Lip Scrub

Sandy Santa is a mix between a solid sugar scrub & a body butter, it contains organic shea butter, murumuru butter & Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to help polish & soften the skin. This is amazing for the winter as it really does make my skin feel softer & nourished, I will definitely be picking up a few more of these.

Snow Fairy is a pink bubblegum scented shower gel that has subtle glitter running through it. It is quite creamy & lathers up really well, you also only need a tiny amount so even the smallest size will last for a long time. The scent stays on the skin for hours & even though it has subtle glitter, it doesn't stick to your skin after use

Santa's Lip Scrub is a cola scented lip scrub that has
Caster sugar, Coconut Oil & extract of Cherries & Dates. It has a red tint, tastes & smells incredible & does an amazing job at making my lips soft & smooth throughout the cold months.

All in all I am really impressed with the Lush Christmas range & I will definitely be picking up more after my spending ban.

Are you a fan of Lush? Do you adore any of these products?

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Hey Dolls.
 Today I am reviewing the Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask. This was one of the products I got from when I did a swap with Dani, I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to review it as I absolutely adore it.

I have always really liked face masks but I usually got the sachets as I didn't really do it often but since using this I have made time to apply it at least once a week. It is quite thick & has a lovely fresh scent - a mix between lime & mint. Lovely! You only need a tiny amount to cover your whole face & unlike most face masks it doesn't tighten a lot or crack when I talk or smile. It feels very refreshing on the skin, a perfect mask to put on when some 'me' time is needed. I like to remove it with warm water & a face cloth, it leaves my skin feeling super clean as it is made to draw out any impurities, excess oil & helps prevent blemishes. My skin also didn't feel tight or dry & my pores..well my skin in general looked much better.

I am a huge fan of Amie, their skincare is incredible & so affordable at only £4.95. 

Are you a fan of Amie Skincare? What have you Tried?
What is your go to face mask?



Monday, 28 October 2013

Join #BritishBloggerSelection

Hey Dolls.
Today I was contacted by the lovely Ellie who asked if I would like to join the #BritishBloggerSelection. Basically every Saturday Ellie will contact all the participants & give them a specific topic to blog about whether it be fashion, beauty, lifestyle etc.

If you are interested in joining #BritishBloggerSelection, contact Ellie with your:

Blog URL:
Blog Name:
Full Name:

Wishlist #11 - All Things Berry

Hey Dolls.
I adore berry shades & as we are now well into the colder months, I have seen a lot more berry related products being reviewed/hauled etc. Now I have a wishlist as long as my arm & I add things to it everyday, I have looked through that list & found all the berry related products I have been lusting after. I really hope I actually get round to buying these products as they are all so lovely.

Do you have any of these products? Let me know what you think of them in the comments.

Benefit How To Look Your Best At Everything - Light

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hey Dolls.
I recently featured the Benefit How To Look The Best At Everything set in a haul post & I have been using it quite a bit so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you.

1, The POREfessional Face Primer.

So the first product in this set is the POREfession face primer, this is a 7.5ml tube. I have tried this before & I really like it, it minimizes pores & creates a lovely flawless base for makeup. I have found that it does make my make up last longer 

2, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation in "Cheers To Me"
The second product in the set is the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation, it comes in a 7ml bottle & the packaging is lovely. This is a little dark for my skintone but when buffed in well I can get away with it, it is very light on the skin & doesn't stick to any dry patches.

3) Boi-Ing Concealer in shade 1 & 2.
The third product in the set is the Boi-ing Concealer in shade 1 & 2, I really like that they give you two shades to mix & match to find your perfect shade. Shade 1 is actually a perfect match so I don't think I'll get much use out of shade 2. The concealer melts in contact with your skin & covers dark circles & blemishes really well without creasing.

4) Hello Flawless Powder In Champagne.
The last product in the set is the Hello Flawless Powder In champagne. Like the foundation it isn't a perfect match but it is a lovely lightweight powder that sets my make up well so I only need a tiny amount. 
All in all I am really impressed with this set, the foundation & powder could be a little lighter but other than that it is really worth the money.
Are you a fan of Benefit? Have you tried this set?

Review | Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover

Friday, 25 October 2013

Hey Dolls.
I adore painting my nails but it's such a chore to take it off. I must admit that I tend to peel the polish off instead of using nail polish remover - I know, I know it's such a bad habit. So when I saw that the Bourjois Magic Nail polish remover was down to £3 on Asos & I still had a few pennies of my gift voucher left - I had to get it & now that I've used it a few times I thought I'd share my thoughts.

 "This Magic nail polish remover has been made by Bourjois. The details include: a nourishing formula enriched with sweet almond oil, red fruit and vanilla fragrance to help cleanse and clean nails without the need for cotton wool."

The Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover is a bright pink tub with a sponge inside that has been soaked in nail polish remover. It has a slit in the sponge so you can pop your finger in & after you have twisted a couple of times the nail polish has been removed, it doesn't remove all of the polish - I find the edges of the nails always have a little polish left but that is easily removed with a cotton bud. It has a very strong chemical based scent but once it has dried, it changes into such a lovely fruity scent. I adore this product as I spend a lot of time at my boyfriends place & that's where I'll usually do my nails, it saves a lot of space as I don't have to bring separate products with me & I don't have to worry about the cats or the dog getting hold of one of the used cotton pads while I'm not looking. All in all, it is such an amazing fuss free product, especially for people who are always on the go. I remove my nail polish much quicker & there is no mess to tidy up.

 The only downside is that it is a little pricey for what it is but I find it is always on offer so make sure you have a look around for any bargains. (:

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

What I've Bought #10

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Hey Dolls.
I have recently bought a few Yankee Candle wax tarts from Ebay & the Yankee Candle website. I picked them up throughout the last week or two & I thought I'd share them with you as I'm so in love with them.

Candy Corn is a very sweet vanilla scent.

Merry Marshmallow is a blend of vanilla & marshmallow.

Peppermint Bark is a blend between white peppermint, chocolate swirl & wintergreen.

Root Beer Float is a sweet bubblegum scent with a hint of vanilla.

Caramel Pecan Pie is a blend between walnuts, pecans & creamy caramel.

So that's all the Yankee Candle Wax Tarts I bought. Have you tried any of these scents? 

*I must admit I am not that great at explaining scents ^-^*

6 Possible Blog Posts When You Have A Severe Case Of Writers Block

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Image from weheartit, edited by me.

Hey Dolls.
We all have those days where we have no idea what we want to write about, maybe we haven't tried any new products or done anything interesting but what usually happens to me is I just can't seem to put a sentence together or everyday life has gotten in the way & I just don't feel up to it :( But you're probably thinking - Ash, you post everyday without fail. Yes, I do but that's because I write more than one post at one time so I usually schedule a lot but there are some days where I have no idea what to write about so I thought I'd share my top 5 go to posts with you just incase you have a case of writers block.

No, I'm not just writing jibberish aha - these stand for Nail, Face, Outfit & Hairstyle Of The Day. Just done your make up? Painted your nails? Done your hair? or Put on your favourite outfit? Why not take some photos & blog about it? It is a simple post that a lot of people love to see, I don't do them often but they are such great posts when your stuck for idea's.

2, Tags.
I adore tags, they are fun & your readers get to know a little more about you. Whether it's a beauty, blogging, autumn/winter/summer/spring or even a fashion tag. There are so many out there, just search on google/youtube or even have a go at making your own.

3, Wishlists.
Everyone has one! Whether it's a beauty/skincare/home decor/fashion/candles or a mix of everything. It can even be aimed at one specific brand or shop, they are such easy posts to do & a lot of fun.

4, Life.
Had a nice day out or walked the dog & took some snaps, share the photos & write a little about what you did or found something you're passionate about? Would like to share your thoughts about it? Do it! Everyone loves a post that's from the heart, it will spark conversation & you can interact more with your readers.

5, Outfit Ideas.
Have you found the perfect dress, bag, shoes, skirt etc. Have you planned what you would pair with that item? Why not share it on your blog? It will show your style more but it may also give your readers some inspiration for outfits to.

6, Guest Posts.
Maybe your not feeling up to any of the above & would like a little break? Get some of your favourite bloggers to write a guest post for you. It will add some different content but also allow you to take a well deserved break & give the blogger a chance to gain new readers.

So that's all of the posts that help me out when I'm having a case of writers block, I hope this post helped you but remember it is completely normal to just not feel up to it, don't let it get you down. If your readers truly love your blog, they will comepletely understand if you need a few days, a week or even a few months to get back into the swing of things.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo - On & On Bronze & Brow Drama - Dark Blonde

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hey Dolls.
In my recent haul post, I featured two Maybelline products - the Colour Tattoo - On & On Bronze & Brow Drama - Dark Blonde. I have used them quite a bit now so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo - On & On Bronze £4.99
It is a solid cream shadow but melts in contact with skin making it incredibly easy to blend. It is a mid toned bronze shade with subtle gold undertones, like most cream shadows the pigmentation is incredible & you only need a tiny amount to cover you lid. I have mostly used it as a base for eyeshadows but it works amazingly on it own for a quick fix & once it has set, it isn't going to budge at all - no creasing, smudging, fading. Nada! I haven't worn it for 24hours but I've managed to keep it on for 14 hours & it looked just as good as when I applied it that morning. I have applied it with my fingers & a blending brush, I definitely prefer my fingers as I found the brush made it go slightly patchy in areas. All in all I am really impressed with this colour tattoo & will definitely be picking up some more [definitely metallic pomegranate! It's so pretty!]

Maybelline Brow Drama - Dark Blonde £4.99
This is a sculpting brow mascara, it has a tinted gel that sets quite quickly once you have applied it to the brows. Mostly I use it on its own as it gives a natural tint of colour to your brows but it is also great to use after you have used a powder to fill in your brows to fill in any gaps you may have missed. The brush is also amazing at shaping them - it has a ball on the end of the wand which is great at picking up any finer hairs & filling in the larger part of the brows & the thinner end is great for the defining the brows. I am really impressed with the formula, even though it really sets the brows in place they don't feel hard or crispy & they stay in place all day. I would definitely recommend this, if you don't want to spend to much time fussing with your brows.

Are you a fan on Maybelline? What products have you been loving?

Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

Monday, 21 October 2013

Hey Dolls.
I received the Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer in the swap I did with Dani, at that point I only had the Bourjois Bronzer so I was really excited. I have used it quite a bit now, so I thought I would share my opinion with you.

'Bourjois new Healthy Mix fruit-therapy correcting concealer smoothes away dark circles and imperfections for a visibly rested and radiant look. Its exquisite and glide-on formula blends onto the skin for a natural result, with no marks. Available in 3 natural anti-dull complexion shades, to reboost the complexion's radiance.'

 I adore this concealer, not only does it contain Apricots, Raspberries & Melon which are all beneficial to our skin, the formula is lovely, it is quite thick but blends well & hides any blemishes & dark circles with the tiniest amount of product.
it's medium to full coverage but feels light on the skin & doesn't look cakey or crease throughout the day. The shade isn't a perfect match, I could probably do with a shade lighter but once I have applied my powder it matches much better. I prefer to apply this with my fingers & then blending with a stipple brush as I feel like it gives a better finish. All in all I adore the concealer & I would definitely re purchase.

Are you a fan of Bourjois? What concealers do you recommend?

Bourjois Happy Light Matte Serum Primer & Happy Light Foundation - Porcelain

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Hey Dolls.
I have wanted to try more products from Bourjois as I adore their Chocolate Bronzer & Healthy Mix Concealer. So when I spotted the Happy Light Matte Serum Primer & Happy Light Foundation on Amazon, I couldn't say no. I hadn't seen them anywhere else & I hadn't found any reviews so I wasn't able to do any research before hand but the idea of lovely radiant glowing skin without any visible shimmer or glitter particles drew me in & made me purchase them almost instantly. I have used them both for a good couple of days now, so I thought I'd share my thoughts with you.

 I have always adored Bourjois packaging, especially the foundations & primers. The liquid face products from the Happy Light range comes in sleek glass bottles with a pump, which makes it easier to control how much product you dispense but it also minimises waste. They have a simple design but they are easy to find as they all have a different colour to represent what they are.

The Happy Light Matte Serum Primer is a light almost cream gel that glides on to the skin with ease, it feels very refreshing as it is between a primer & a moisturising serum. So it can be used under foundation or on it's own to create a flawless base that doesn't feel heavy or drying on the skin. Once the primer has been applied, your complexion looks smoother, with a subtle radiant glow to make you look more awake & perky. Once the primer has set, it leaves the skin with a natural matte finish & creates a more perfect, smooth layer so your foundation glides flawlessly over the skin & makes it last longer throughout the day without budging what so ever. 

The Happy Light Foundation is a light gel like formula that melts effortlessly into the skin, it gives medium coverage & leaves the skin with a subtle dewy finish. Although it is pretty damn amazing, I just still don't know if I like it. I have the shade Porcelain but it could be a shade or two lighter to actually match my 'could possibly be Casper's sister' ghostly complexion but if I buff it in well I can get away with it. It feels light on the skin, doesn't stick to or enhance any dry patches & lasts 6 - 7 hours without budging. All in all it's a good foundation but the shades could be better.

The Happy Light range comes with 5 shades of foundation, a matte & luminous primer & 2 shades of concealer. The prices range from £8.99 - £11.99 but are currently on sale at Superdrug.

Are you a Bourjois fan? Have you tried any products from the Happy Light range?

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck

Friday, 18 October 2013

Hey Dolls.
Even though I have had the Taylor Swift Wonderstuck perfume for a long time, I haven't reviewed it. I reviewed the scented body lotion but as I wasn't very confident reviewing perfume's I put it off but now that I have recently reviewed the second perfume by the lovely Taylor Swift Wonderstuck Enchanted I thought I better do this one to.

'A charming and sparkling surprise of vibrant fruits, kissed by a bouquet of soft petals and a touch of sweet indulgence.'

Top notes
 Freesia, Green Tea, Apple Blossom, Raspberry, Dewberry
Heart notes 
Hawaiian White Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Mimosa Flowers, Vanilla Whoopie Pie 

Base notes
Amber, Sandalwood, Musk, Peach

I adore the packaging, it is a purple holographic glitter bottle, with an patterned lid & gold writing. I have the 30ml so unfortunately there are no charms but from what I've seen online & in shops they are absolutely stunning.

Wonderstuck is aimed at a younger market, the scent is sweet & fruity with blends of raspberry, vanilla, apple, peach & sandalwood. It is a perfect scent for summer but I wear it all year round because it gives off a girly & romantic feel. The lasting power is amazing, I only have to re apply once throughout the day just to top up the scent, you can still smell subtle hints of the perfume on your clothing/skin but as I love it so much I really can't resist.

I am definitely going to be picking up a bigger size when this one runs out, it is an amazing everyday perfume & I really can't fault it one bit.

Are you a fan of Wonderstuck?

Mad About Monochrome

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Hey Dolls.
I adore Monochrome, it is such a simple style but looks amazing. I have been loving making clothing wishlists & then making outfits & I've noticed that I made three Monochrome insprired outfits so I thought I should share them with you. I would like to say that it is perfect okay if you don't like the outfits, this is just what I would personally wear.

They all have skinny jeans in them because, well..I pretty much live in jeans. I very rarely wear anything else, I'll occasionally wear a dress or legging but I adore skinny jeans. I have also made the looks very comfy & A/W inspired. I adore jumpers, boots & shirts & you really can't get much comfier than a pair of trainers. If you are interested in any of the clothes/shoes shown, they are all from New Look.

What do you think about these outfits? Are you a fan of Monochrome?

What I've Bought #9

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hey Dolls.
Over the last few weeks I have picked up a few things, I have also bought some clothes/accessories but I thought I'd do a separate post on those & just keep this one to beauty. I have only tried out a few things, everything else had to be photographed before I used them so they were all lovely & new but I will be doing full reviews on most of the products so I wont be going into to much detail in this post.

I have recently been loving Boots & I really want to start using my advantage card more because it just sits in my purse collecting dust, so when I noticed they had the Benefit How to be the best at everything set in stock...I put it in my basket quicker than girls can swoon over Harry Styles [I don't see it :/] The set has quite a few products, you get a mini porefessional, Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation - Cheers To Me, Boi-ing Concealer in Hello Flawless & Me Vain & a Pressed Powder in Champagne. The only thing I'm slightly disappointed with is how orange the foundation looks in the bottle but it may be lovely when applied so fingers crossed. I am really excited to try all the lovely things in this set.

I also made an order on Lush as they had their Christmas stuff in, I picked up Sandy Santa which is a body butter/sugar scrub, Snow Fairy which is a sweet scented shower gel & Santa's Lip Scrub which smells & tastes like cola..Yum! I can't wait to use these, they all smell absolutely amazing.

I have been quite obsessed with Asos lately, I have visited their website everyday since I won the £40 voucher ages ago. I noticed they were having a 50% off on their beauty bits so it would be rude to say no. I picked up the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover as I have been painting my nails nearly everyday & go through cotton pads like no tomorrow. I have used it once & it felt very strange but as far as nail polish removers go it's pretty good & I also picked up a Barry M nail polish in Berry Cosmo, which I don't think it was in the sale but for £2.99 you really can't go wrong. It is a gorgeous deep purple/berry shade & I love it so much.

Lastly I popped into Superdrug & picked up a few goodies, I finally jumped on the Maybelline colour tattoo bandwagon & picked up on & on bronze, this looks absolutely gorgeous & I really can't wait to try it out, I also picked up the Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Blonde, I've tried this but I'm not quite sure if I like it yet. I needed another white nail polish so I picked up Mua All Nude, this has a slight cream undertone but for £1 it is absolutely amazing & after seeing that they were out of stock for ages I finally got my hands on one of the Barry M matte polishe - Vanilla, it is such a gorgeous shade, perfect for every season. The last thing I picked up was a Dove lipbalm, so far I really like it - it feels really nice on the lips & keeps they pesky dryness at bay.

So that's it for my haul, are you a fan of any of the products mentioned? What have you bought lately? (:

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