Foundations For Pale Skin

Monday, 24 February 2014

Hey Dolls.
I have super pale skin & I occasionally find it difficult to find a foundation that perfectly matches my skintone but I was having a look through my collection & found some pretty amazing pale foundations. The Rimmel Wake Me Up & Lasting Finish Foundation are actually new purchases, I already owned them in Ivory but noticed that superdrug had paler shades available so I hate to snap them up.

L-R | Rimmel Stay Matte - Light Porcelain, Mua Undress Your Skin - Porcelain, Rimmel Wake Me Up - Light Porcelain, Rimmel Lasting Finish & Revlon Nearly Naked - Ivory.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation is the palest foundation I own, it has a mousse like formula that blends seamlessly into the skin. It leaves the skin feeling soft & has a matte finish.

Mua Undress Your Skin Foundation isn't as pale as the Rimmel Stay Matte but it still matches my skintone amazingly well. It feels very light on the skin & leaves it looking natural with an added glow.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation looks a litter darker in the swatch than it does when blended into the skin. It is a near perfect match to my skintone. It blends really well & as it contains a little shimmer, it makes the skin look more awake & radiant.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation is a thick foundation that gives a medium coverage, it is a fairly good colour match & feels light on the skin while covering my redness/blemishes like a dream.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation is a my skin but better product, it feels light on the skin, covers any redness/blemishes, leaves a natural dewy finish & is a perfect match for my skintone.

So those are my palest foundations (: What is your go to foundation for pale skin?



  1. Love this! I have pale skin too and can never find shades to match. Rimmel Wake Me Up is at least a shade or 2 darker than my skin, which is a pity as I really want to try it! Think I might pick it up in Spring x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. (: Oh no! Would light porcelain not be pale enough for your skin? xx

  3. Oh lovely I usually use the lightest shade. I don't use foundation much but BB Cream I use a lot ^^

    恵美より ♥

  4. I only own one bb cream, what ones would you recommend? xx


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