Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur Primer - Warm Apricot

Saturday, 30 August 2014

 Hey Dolls.
I absolutely adore the original baby skin primer! It is a silicone based primer that blurs pores, helps makeup apply & last so well throughout the day & is just a tube of amazingness! When I popped onto the Boots website a while ago & saw there was a anti fatigue baby skin coming out...I had to have it! So, I signed up to the waiting list & rather impatiently waited for it to come out. I have had it for a while now & I just need to share it with you.

 Maybelline have stuck with the bright, eye-catching theme like they did with the original baby skin. It is a squeezy tube with a nozzle applicator but this time round instead of the tube being blue it is a rather lovely apricot shade.

The instant fatigue blur primer is water based, this gives it a almost lotion like consistency. It feels very lightweight, hydrating & leaves a subtle cooling sensation on the skin. I've found that a little bit of product goes a long way but if you do apply a little too much, it still sinks is quickly without leaving excess residue. The shade I have is warm apricot, this one is more suited to people with dark circles, blueish veins etc. After applying my skin looks more awake, brighter & my dark circles look a little less dark. When it comes to how my makeup applies/lasts throughout the day - it's just fantastic. My makeup applies beautifully, looks flawless & lasts for a good 8 hours before needing any touch ups.

All in all, I adore this primer! I really like that the consistency is water based as it feels really lightweight & like your giving your skin more moisture. I have started using both baby skin primers together to make sure my pores are less visible & my skin looks brighter & healthy. Combined my skin looks flawless & perfectly prepped for makeup application.

Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur Primer comes in two shades - Cool Rose & Warm Apricot. They retail at £7.99 each but can usually be found in a 3for2 offer.

Are you a fan of Maybelline? What are your thoughts on the baby skin primers?

3 Years ♡

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Hey Dolls.
This post isn't going to be beauty or fashion related & I'm not gonna may be a little soppy but it's about a person who has given me the best moments of my life. So, today marks the day that my boyfriend asked me out. He has been my best friend for 5 years & the love of my life for 3 years. 

Matt is the only person who truly knows me, I've let him in on the best & worst things about me, things I've experienced etc. He has seen me at my happiest & at my worst.. each time he has been there to share in my joy or help me pick up the pieces. Last January was one of the worst times of my life & he did every thing he could to try & make me feel better which I've got to give him kudos for, because I cried all day, everyday for around a week & basically couldn't function for a while. 
I could go on & on about the things that I love about him but I'll just mention the things that I love most - He is the most caring, selfless, funniest person I have ever met. He will go out of his way to make anyone's day better & he's a proper gentleman.. hard to find now-a-days. I also love that we spend everyday together, even if it's for a few hours..we always make time to see eachother. I've had quite a lot of negative comments when I mention that but the way I see it is very uncertain, so you should spend as much time as possible with the people you love because it rushes by so quickly & I don't want to leave this world with any regrets.

The last 3 years, I feel like I've become a better person because of Matt. He brings out the best in me, I also think I'm a little weirder & more cynical but definitely the best version of me that I can be. 
Some of my favourite photos from the start of our relationship & now.

My blog is mostly about sharing the things that I love. Whether it's make up, clothes, random bits & bobs but I don't think I've mentioned Matt much on here. He is such a big part of my life & is the first person I tell when I reach a milestone, have a lovely comment or to double check that I have spelt everything correctly haha [except this post, he's not seeing it until after it's up ]

Wishlist #27

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Hey Dolls.
Lately I have wanted to give my wardrobe a little bit of an update. So, I thought I'd share a few pieces I'm currently lusting after.

I adore unicorns! I really love how bright & colourful this t-shirt is, it will definitely help to add a bit of colour to my outfits.

Do I really need to explain this one?! I am a huge fan of Harry Potter & have been after a t-shirt like this for a while. 
I may have fallen in love! I don't have a good pair of boots & I definitely think these need to be in my life. They look really cool & I think they could be a staple all year round.

As much as my wardrobe needs a little more colour, my love for monochrome will never die! I only own two shirts which is a shame as I adore them. So, I really think this shirt will be a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

I bought a kimono a little while ago & I adore it. I really like the tassels & how sheer it is. It has gotten really cold here now [yay!] but it just really lovely that I'd probably wear it anyway.

My current purse is still going strong but I do really feel like I need an update. I love the contrast shades & again, it will add a little pop of colour to a usually otherwise plain outfit.

I don't have a good coat, I just either go for my faux leather jacket or hoodie. I think Primark did a similar one to this but it never seemed to be in my local store. I love the embossed detail on the sleeves & it might help to keep me a little warmer.

What's currently on your wishlist?

Carolyn K London Bright Nail Polish Set & The Polish Pod

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Hey Dolls.
I have heard so many great things about Carolyn K London but never got around to trying anything. So, I was really excited when I got the chance to try a few bits. Who doesn't love having some new pretty polishes to play with?

The bright nail polish set contains 3 stunning nail polishes.

Lara - Orange With A Hint Of Gold Shimmer.
Sienna - Bubblegum Pink. 
Alenoush - Fire Engine Red.

The polishes are a dream to apply, they are opaque in two - three coats & leave a super glossy finish on the nails. The drying time is really impressive. My nails were completely dry within 3-4 minutes. They also stay chip free for atleast 4-5 days which for me is amazing as I am constantly using my hands so nail polish doesn't usually stay around for long. What I love most about these polishes [other than the amazing quality] is the shades, they are bright, bold & do wonders with a 'plain' outfit. My favourite shade is Lara - the perfect mix between orange & gold.

The polish pod is a plastic nail polish stand with a foam insert. It will hold any size or shape bottle without it spilling. It has three non slip pads on the bottom which allow the pod to tilt but not fall over which not only makes it mess free but it's also easier to get access to the remaining polish when it's running low. For me this has been an absolute god send! I am incredibly clumsy & I tend to make one hell of a mess while painting my nails. 

All in all, I am in love with the polishes & polish pod! The quality & shade selection of the polishes are incredible. I adore the polish pod & have told everyone who will listen to get their hands on one. [that includes my boyfriend...he doesn't paint his nails haha]

I definitely recommend checking out the gorgeous polishes from Carolyn K London. I will definitely be picking up some more shades. But it gets better, they don't just do nail polishes! They also do a lovely selection of Beauty Books - one for your eyes, face & brows. 

Are you a fan of Carolyn K London?  

 *The products featured in this post was gifted to me for consideration of review.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock Gel Liner

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Hey Dolls.
With all the mixed reviews surrounding the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner, I thought I'd try a cheaper alternative in the form of the Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Shock Gel Liner.

The packaging is pretty simple. It is a black pen with bold red writing, a screw off lid, a slanted silicone applicator & a twist bottom to dispense product.

When I first swatched this on my hand while taking photographs, I wasn't that impressed. It seemed really hard to get a straight & even line but instead of giving up - I tested it on my eyes & it changed my mind completely. The wide, slanted silicon tip applicator is soft & flexible, so it makes creating an eyeliner look incredible easy! I'm not an eyeliner pro [not even close] but I created an almost perfect flick in one sweep. I find that twisting the bottom 2 times, dispenses enough product to create a flick for one eye but it does depend how thick you want it. The gel itself is incredible! It is very pigmented, glides onto the lid with ease without tugging or pulling at the skin, dries quickly & lasts all day without budging what so ever.
I found the best way to use this pen is to dispense some product & then gently swipe in onto the hand to make sure the whole applicator is covered. I have also been testing out the stamping method - make little lines on the lid & then connect them together for a more flawless & easy application.

When it comes to removing the liner, I have been using my usual double cleanse routine & it comes off with ease. I'm sure any cleanser would work well in removing the product without a fuss.

All in all, I really like this gel eyeliner. I can create any liner look with ease & the quality is just fantastic. I definitely recommend checking out the Maybelline version before splashing out on the Benefit one [especially since there is a £9.50 difference between them].

Are you a fan of Maybelline? Will you be trying a gel liner pen?

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Blusher Blush Stick - Onamatopeacha

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Hey Dolls.
 I adore cream blushers but I hate how they always end up looking gross after a while. So, when I spotted the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Blusher cream blusher stick...I popped it into my basket & practically skipped to the till faster than I could even think the words "do I really need another blush?" [ You can never have enough!]

Does anyone else love how the packaging matches the blush shade?

The shade I went for is Onamatopeacha which is a lovely red toned orange with subtle gold shimmer running through it. I'm not going to lie, when I first swatched this on my hand I was worried I was going to look a little clown like but after applying it to my cheeks & blending out with the Mua stipple brush [perfect for cream blush], it transforms into a gorgeous sheer wash of colour. If you want it to be a little more intense, it can be built up with ease without becoming cakey. The blush blends incredibly well, lasts all day without budging & it also feels lightweight on the skin no matter how much you apply as it sets into a less creamy but not quite powder finish. 

What I love most about this cream blush is that it looks beautiful no matter what you use to blend it. I usually stick to my stipple brush as it creates a better finish for the majority of my cream/liquid blushes but for this blush I also adore the finish when I've used my fingers to blend it out. This means I don't have to worry if I forget my brush if I take this somewhere where I may want to touch up a little. [ I am incredibly forgetful & that happens often ]

All in all, I adore this blush so much! I have been using it everyday since purchasing it [except for the few days that I went completely make up free]. The quality is fantastic & I really like that it's in stick form as it not only makes it easier to control how much you apply but it also doesn't end up looking gross after a few uses. I know I mentioned that above but it's a huge issue for me haha. This blush is definitely something I will be sporting all year round as I think the shade is incredibly flattering on my skin tone & it is perfect for when your rushed for time as it blends really easily.

There are three sexy mother blusher blush sticks:

I definitely want to pick up Pinker Belle as it looks a little less scary then Berry Jamm but still oh so pretty.

Are you a fan of Soap & Glory? Have you tried any of the blush sticks?

Loving Lately #5

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Hey Dolls.
Today I'm going to talk about a few products that I have been usually pretty much everyday. I featured the Mac lipstick a little while ago but I adore it so much that I couldn't resist putting it in.

I am a shower gel hoarder..especially if there is pretty packaging involved. I am a huge Imperial Leather fan & these have to be the best thing they have ever brought out. The foambursts have a thick gel like consistency but when you lather them up, the gel slowly but surely becomes a white foam...think of shaving foam but the scents are a lot nicer. I have two of the scents, they are very true to what they're supposed to be. After using these I am left with seriously soft & beautifully scented skin. Also if you have run out of shaving gel/foam, you can just use these. Bonus!

I go through a huge amount of cotton pads because before I use a cleanser, I like to take the majority of my make up off with mircellar water. When using these oval cotton pads, the amount I use is cut down by more than half. They are double sided & rather large so you can use both sides on one for your eyes & then the same with your face. I have saved some pennies from using these as they don't run out as fast. One gripe I do have with them is that they aren't as soft as the small circle cotton pads but they get the job done.

When this first came out, I searched high & low for it but struggled to get my hands on it. When I did manage to pick it up, it became my face's best friend for a long time but as I bought new things...sadly it got sent to the back of the make up drawer & has only made it's way back into my make up bag now. The palette contains three beautiful, finely milled blushes that are incredibly pigmented & apply like a dream. My favourite shade has to be the middle one - Guipure. It is a peachy pink shade with gold shimmer running through it.

Mac Up The Amp. 
Everytime I have worn lipstick for the last two weeks, this has been the what I've reached for. Up The Amp is a deep lavender shade from the Amplified Creme range. It glides onto the lips with ease, feels very hydrating & lasts all day. The colour payoff is also great, one sweep & you have full on intense colour. I also really that when the lipstick does start to fade, it leaves a beautiful stain on the lips.

Another product that was sadly cast away to the back of my make up drawer. In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure why. I have recently brought it back out & I have fallen in love with it. It applies like a dream, it feels very creamy so there is no pulling/tugging at the eyes. The colour also looks really natural, it does an amazing job at brightening the eyes & stays in place all day. This liner can also be used to cover blemishes & line your lips.

What have you been loving lately?

L'Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream

Thursday, 14 August 2014

 Hey Dolls.
A while ago, I went through a L'Oreal faze. They have always been a brand I liked but didn't have much of so, I purchased quite a few products to try out - one of them being the Nude Magique Blur Cream for Light to Medium Skin. I have heard a lot of people saying it was comparable to Benefit's porefessional. As that is one of my favourite primers but quite an expensive one, it would be nice to find a cheaper alternative.

The primer comes packaged in a purple squeezy tube with a thin nozzle to make there is no wasted product when dispensed.

 The blur cream is a tinted, silicone based primer that has a balm like texture - I would say it is quite a lot like porefessional in terms of how it makes your skin feel but that is were the likeness stops. I found that after applying the blur cream my skin felt silky & had a semi matte finish but it didn't minimise my enlarged pores or even out my skintone. In terms of makeup application after use - my foundation applied really well but after around two hours it started to become noticeably patchy & become clogged into my pores on my cheeks. 

One of my biggest gripes with my tube is that I'm pretty sure it was half empty - after the first use I had to push any product to the tip of the tube because otherwise a bunch of air would come out & tiny bits of primer would go everywhere. I'm not sure if I just had a dodgy tube or it is just something that happens.

All in all, I love the way my skin feels after use but it just doesn't do what it says it does for me. My uneven skintone & enlarged pores are my biggest concern so I like my primer to make my skin look as good as possible & help my makeup last but just because this product doesn't float my boat, doesn't mean it won't float yours. So, please don't be put off by this product because it may just be a product that you love.

What are your favourite primers? Are you a fan of the L'Oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream? Did it seem like your tube was half empty?

TheBalm Nude 'Tude Eyeshadow Palette

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Hey Dolls.
Today I'm going to be talking about a palette that hasn't been in my life long but has certainly made it's way to the top of my favourite things to pat, blend & smudge onto my lids.

The packaging is incredible! It's sleek, sturdy & features a magnetic closure that keeps the eyeshadows safe & sound while your not using it. The palette has a decently sized mirror & comes with a double ended brush.

The palette contains 12 beautiful eyeshadows:

Top Row:
Sassy - Frosted White
Stubborn - Frosted Medium Pink
Selfish - Frosted Taupe
Sophisticated - Shimmery Chocolate Brown
Sexy - Matte Burgundy
Serious - Matte Black

Bottom Row:
Snobby - Shimmery Yellow-Gold
Stand-offish - Frosted Light Pink
Sultry - Satin Medium Brown
Seductive - Frosted/Satin Golden Bronze
Silly - Glittery Coppery Brown
Sleek - Matte Dark Brown

Does anyone else love how all the shades begin with S?

My favourite combination of eyeshadows from this palette has to be Selfish patted onto the lid, a little bit of Sultry or Sophisticated blended into the crease & Silly smudged into the bottom lashline. 

The palette is incredibly diverse, there is a shade for every possible need. You have shades to highlight with, blend into the crease, smudge into the lashlines etc. You can create a multitude of looks for both day & night without switching to another palette. When it comes to the finishes, there is one to suit everyone. From mattes to shimmers to satins to shades that are packed full of glitter. It may just be the perfect palette.

The quality of the eyeshadows is phenomenal. They are buttery soft, easy to apply/blend, has minimal fall out & lasts all day without creasing or fading. The pigmentation is incredible for each & every shade, even without a primer to intensify them.

All in all, I adore this palette. The quality & shade selection is incredible. I am also quite surprised that the shadows lasted a decent amount of time on my eyelids before the oil took over. That being said, I do recommend that you always use a primer. It not only prolongs the wear of the eyeshadows but in some cases it can make them look more intense. 

Are you a fan of TheBalm? What is your favourite palette?

Nspa Raspberry Shower Scrub

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Hey Dolls.
My good friend Jen & I did a Easter swap & one of the goodies inside was the Nspa Raspberry Shower Scrub. I haven't tried many things from this brand so I was super excited to give it a go.

The Nspa Raspberry Shower Scrub is packed with passion fruit seeds to gently exfoliate & buff away dull skin. It is quite a gentle scrub but leaves my skin feeling beautifully smooth & it doesn't leave behind any residue. The scent is incredible, it is quite strong at first but once you have rinsed it off, it becomes a lot more subtle & just leaves a delicate fragrance on the skin. It smells exactly like a packet of fresh raspberry's without there being an artificial undertone. You only need a small amount as the scrub lathers quite well so it really goes a long way.

All in all, I adore the scrub. It feels really nice on the skin, isn't to abrasive & it contains natural vitamins A, E & B5. My skin feels lovely after using this & I really love the fruity fresh scent.


I ♡ Makeup Goddess Of Love Highlighter & Blushing Hearts Blusher - Candy Queen Of Hearts

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hey Dolls.
I have had my eye on the Too Faced Sweetheart Blushes for the longest time but I just couldn't justify the price. So, when I saw Adrienne posting about the I ♡ Makeup Blushing Hearts...I needed to get my hands on one. While I was on the Makeup Revolution website picking the shade I wanted, I noticed that I ♡ Makeup also had a gorgeous highlighter in the same packaging as the blushing hearts... I just couldn't say no. 

L-R | Highlighter, Each shade of the blushing hearts & all three blended together.

They are packaged in sturdy, heart shaped cardboard boxes. The design is quite simple but eye catching.

In the packaging the Goddess Of Love Highlighter looks like a beautiful champagne shade but when applied it is a pale pink very similar to the Mua offering. That aside the quality is incredible. it feels very silky, has great pigmentation & lasts nicely throughout the day. When applied the highlight leaves a lovely subtle glow on the skin without looking overly shimmery. In my opinion this highlight would be more suited to light-medium skintones as it may look a little stark on darker skintones.  

Candy Queen Of Hearts is a beautiful blush that contains three shades: lilac, pale pink & peach. The strips are large enough to be used individually or you can blend all three together to create a lovely mid toned pink. The blush gives a subtle flush of colour to the cheeks & a highlighted effect as it contains fine shimmer particles. Even though it has a soft silky texture it is a little dry which leads to minimal fall out. The lasting power is incredible, it stays put for a decent six hours before starting to fade ever so slightly. 

All in all, the quality of the highlighter & blush is amazing. They last well on the skin, have great colour payoff & are a bargain at £4.99 each.

Are you a fan of I ♡ Makeup?

Soap & Glory Lid Stuff - What's Nude

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Hey Dolls.
I have a love/hate relationship with eyeshadow, some days I adore it & some days I just can't be bothered. So that means I have been putting off picking up the Soap & Glory Lid Stuff Palette in What's Nude for quite some time. When I was last in Boots, there was a 3for2 on all of Soap & Glory's cosmetics & I just happened to pick up this palette & an eyeshadow primer...clearly meant to be..right?! I've been reaching for it everyday since, so I thought it was about time I shared my thoughts with you.

The eyeshadows come packaged in a sturdy square plastic compact with a clear lid for easy identification. The eyeshadows are decently sized, containing 1.5g of product in each.

What's Nude consists of three matte & one metallic finish eyeshadows which all work together perfectly to create the perfect neutral eye.

Vanilla - Ivory
Pink T - Muted Beige/Pink
Mudhoney - Mid Toned Chocolate Brown
Aubersheen - Taupe With A Hint Of Purple

I like to use Vanilla as an all over the lid shade - right up to the brow to cancel out any redness or pesky veins. I use Aubersheen as a lid shade either on it's own or with  Pink T & Mud Honey in the crease. I've also been using a bit of Mud Honey to lightly fill in my brows.

The eyeshadows are buttery soft, incredibly pigmented & they apply/blend amazingly well with little fall out. The lasting power is fantastic - with a primer, they stay in place all day without creasing or fading. As I have oily eyelids, I never go without primer because nothing lasts but I may do a little test to see how well these beauties hold up without a primer. 

 All in all, I adore this palette! It is not only travel friendly because it is compact & has all the shades you need to create the perfect neutral eye but the quality is also incredible. I think it's the matte shades that make it stand out for me, they are definitely on par with the likes of Urban Decay. 

All together there are three palettes in the Lid Stuff range.

What's Nude if neutrals are your thing.
Smokey Dokey if you want to rock a smokey eye.
Off The Wallflowers if you want to add some pretty brights into your look.

Each palette retails at £10 but there is almost always a 3for2 offer on Soap & Glory.

Are you a fan of neutrals? What are your thoughts on this quad?

ELF Studio Lip Exfoliator

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Hey Dolls.
I suffer with dry lips, I feel as though I have said this about a million & one times by now but... that does mean I always find myself trying lip products to make sure my lips are as smooth as can be. One of the products I couldn't be without is a lip scrub & I may have just found a new favourite.

 The ELF Studio Lip Exfoliator comes packaged in a matte black lipstick style case which not only makes it incredibly easy to store but also use. There is no mess, no fuss..just beautifully soft lips in one quick easy step. The bullet is made up of Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape & Jojoba Oils which protect & nourish your lips. It feels very gentle on the lips & removes any dry skin with ease. I like to apply the exfoliator in circular motions & then once my lips are super soft, I use a muslin cloth to remove any excess product before applying a lip balm. I have noticed a huge difference in how soft my lips are, they always feel nourished & lip products apply a lot better.

All in all, I am incredibly impressed with the lip exfoliator. It's not only amazingly priced for such incredibly quality but it leaves my lips feeling soft all day & makes sure any dry skin is gently removed while tasting/smelling amazing.

Are you a fan of Elf? How do you keep your lips super soft?


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