Charity Shop Finds #4

Monday, 23 February 2015

I love a good bargain! So, volunteering at the Barnardos Donation Centre was pretty awesome. The things people donate is quite shocking! Brand new Mulberry bag anyone?! I thought I'd share a few of the things I picked up from there, I don't think this is everything I got but these are the items that came to mind.

Next Tarten/Checked Snood 99p.
99% of the scarfs/snoods I own aren't cold weather appropriate which is baffling as it's pretty much always cold here. The snood is really good quality material - its mostly acrylic but has a little bit of wool & polyester in it. The thing that I like most about this (other than it keeps me warm even on the coldest of days) it doesn't feel uncomfortable when I wrap it around my neck & it's doesn't look silly if I leave it long. 

F&F Rock & Roll Tshirt 99p.
My go to outfit is a tshirt & skinny jeans combo, it's comfortable & depending on what tshirt you wear/how you accsessorise it can go from casual to dressed up. This tshirt is definitely for the casual days! It's a little oversized, super comfy & has a distressed rock & roll logo on the front. I don't know if it's meant to look distressed or it's because of wear but I don't think I would like it as much if it was perfect.

New Look Inspire Striped Tshirt 99p.
I love the look of this tshirt! I am very into navy stripes right now, so I couldn't say no to this. It has super soft material & is a little longer at the back. I'm not sure if I actually like it on though as even though it's my size & isn't tight at all, it doesn't fit as well as I would have liked. The front comes up a little more than I expected. It kinda looks a little unflattering but I have had a few compliments when I wore it so I'm really not sure.

Primark Orange & Navy Colour Block Bag £1.99.
I am always after a new bag - I like ones that are quite long & comfortable to wear on the shoulder or across the body without feeling uncomfortable or heavy if I cram a lot of stuff in it (It always happens). This bag is exactly what I was looking for but what drew me at first was the colour combination, orange & navy isn't something I've seen a lot of. I also really like the the black & gold chain strap, quilted detail & the zip/twist lock combo.

New Look Black & White Aztec Jumper 99p.
I have wanted to update my jumper collection for a while but could never really find anything I liked. I spotted this jumper & fell in love which instantly got crushed when I noticed it was a size 12. It is quite oversized, so I decided to give it a chance & it fits perfectly! It is quite long, still a little oversized on me & it is comfortable to wear alone or layered with other pieces. 

Next Tarten/Checked PJ Set £1.99.
I never really buy myself new pjs, so the ones I have are old, not really cold weather appropriate & mostly don't match. I have never had Next pjs before but the quality seems incredible & they are so soft! I thought the bottoms would fit but was a bit skeptical of the button up top because I usually have to size up a lot for it to fit without popping open but they both fit perfectly with room to spare & keep me so warm! They have quickly become my favourite pjs & I definitely recommend getting a set from Next or if you find some in a charity shop.. SNAP THEM UP!!!

Peacocks Black Leggings 99p.
I am all about comfort & thought nothing would be comfier than a pair of super soft leggings but with the constant "plus sized people shouldn't wear leggings" BS I never felt comfortable getting a pair but when I spotted these ones for 99p I decided that at that price it wouldn't be so bad if I bought them & never wore them outside but after just wearing them around the house & getting changed if I went out I decided to wear what I wanted & not worry that people would judge me for wearing them. I now absolutely adore them & feel rather silly that I didn't wear them sooner! The quality is fantastic, they are super soft, super comforable & don't sheer out at all no matter what I'm doing.

Books 3for99p.
I picked up a few books as I want to start reading more. I did pick up 6 books but two were for other people so I only photographed the ones I picked up for myself.  I picked up Beautiful Creatures, Gone Girl, Is It Just Me? & The Hairy Dieters Recipe Book. I've started reading Is It Just Me? & it is incredibly funny. I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud while reading a book. I definitely recommend it! I'm really excited to cook some things from The Hairy Dieters Recipe Book, I'm not on a diet or trying to loose weight but just enjoy food whether it's healthy or not. Gone Girl & Beautiful Creatures have been on my book wishlist for a while, I am really excited to give them a read.

So, that is everything I have picked up from the Charity Shop recently.

Have you found any bargains from the Charity Shop lately?

Photographs #4

Thursday, 12 February 2015

 I've been thinking about making a scrapbook or two as I do quite enjoy getting photos printed but that has made my interest in photography sky rocket - I'm constantly taking photos with loved ones, the birds that live in my boyfriends garden, little things that make me smile, new favourite products etc. I'm never without my camera now! So, today I thought I'd share a few of the photographs I have taken recently.

I am yet to find the perfect scrapbook, so if you have any recommendations then please let me know.

Are you a fan of photography?


A Few Products Worth Trying

Friday, 6 February 2015

Tarte  Maracuja Creaseless Concealer
 The concealer has a very creamy consistency which makes it so easy to blend into the skin. I was slightly worried it would slide around but it stays in place all day with no creasing or accentuating fine lines. It creates such a flawless finish with only a small amount of product needed. I use this mainly for the eye area as it has a very brightening effect witch helps to make you look more awake.

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter
The cleansing butter is solid in the tin but when it comes in contact with heat, it turns into a silky liquid like consistency. It effortlessly melts off all traces of makeup with only a small amount of product needed. It doesn't leave any residue on the skin & even though the camomile scent is very subtle, it is very relaxing. I personally like to double cleanse but if you are rocking a makeup free day, this is perfect to remove any daily grime.

W7 Brushes
As much as I adore Real Techniques brushes, these are just as good while being a lot more budget friendly. The three I have are all multipurpose, I'm not sure if they are marketed that way but I find so many different uses for them in my daily routine. The quality is fantastic - they are all really well made, easy to hold & I haven't experienced any shedding even after washing quite a few times.

Maybelline Colour Show Blush
 The blush contains two matte shades that when blended together create a lovely muted peachy pink shade. It is the perfect blush to add a hint of colour for minimal makeup days or when you want to rock a bold eye/lip & just need something to pull the look together. It has incredible pigmentation, blends well & lasts nicely on the skin .

The Body Shop Lip Butters & Balms
The Body Shop lip products are all colour coded depending on the scent which not only makes it easier to pick the one you want but makes your makeup stash a little more colourful. The thing I love most about the little pots is that all scents smell authentic - it's literally like they have just handed you a pot of  fresh mango, chocolate, honey etc. I like to apply a thin layer onto the lips as that's really all you need, it sinks in quickly & leaves your lips feeling soft, smooth and moisturised but if you add a slightly thicker layer before bed, it becomes the perfect overnight treatment. I wake up with perfectly moisturised lips that don't look or feel the slightest bit dry. Oh & they all taste pretty good to!

Nyx Blush - Taupe
Do you have pale skin? In need of a contour product that doesn't make you look like you have applied a brown/orange stripe to your face? Then look no further! The blush is cool toned & has a matte/satin finish. It creates a natural looking shadow with little product needed as it has amazing pigmentation. I have quite a round face that lacks any form of definition but this really helps to make my features a little more prominent. I apply this to my cheekbones, jaw, chin & just under my bottom lip, it blends really well & lasts all day long! 

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